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Session Prep

with Rayvin The Messenger

Thank you for saying “Yes” to the magic of your transformational journey.

 In preparation of our session time together and the subsequent sessions, please view the following:

  • Please obtain a notebook/journal dedicated to your sessions. This is your journey journal. A sacred place where you will write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions that will begin to rise higher to the surface of your conscious awareness. I would ask that you input the situations/events/people and even old relationships that show up to be noticed. Input into this sacred scroll journal the things that show up as De Ja Vu or Synchronicity. Keeping your sacred scroll close to your bedside each night...signals your subconscious to send dream whispers while you sleep. In the morning before your feet touch the ground, reach over and write down whatever you can recall from your dreamtime, even if it doesn't make sense.*Bring your journal with you to each session for post session integration homework and session reflections.**

  • Upon receipt of this email, begin to drink purified filtered water with a lemon slice to increase your alkalinity. A minimum of 2 Liters/day. Please reduce caffeinated products and no caffeine within at least 4 hours (8 hours is best) of session.


  • Please obtain (1) unscented white candle in the room, no other candles or incense is necessary.

  • Pets: It is best that your beloved companion be walked and fed prior to your session. The healing energies will be of support to them as well. Please let me know if you have little winged ones or 4 legged companions, so that I may advise you appropriately.

  • You will begin in a sitting position and then be asked to recline on a sofa or bed.You may wish a pillow or blanket to support your comfort. Please honor yourself and choose a quiet space that is conducive to this sacred journey as best you can. A place where you will not be disturbed.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive and light colored, please refrain from wearing the color black (inclusive of undergarments)

  • Day of session please remove all bracelets, rings and jewelry from your body, as best as you feel comfortable.

  • Cellphone: Optimal to have your cell phone fully charged prior to session. It is not to be charging during the session. The session will be heard via earbuds or headset, please no speaker phone.

  • 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session please empty your bladder, silence your phone, collect your sacred journal and light your candle.

  • May I invite you to begin to bring forth stillness with 10 slow deep breaths…I will be calling you momentarily.



Appointment Rescheduling and Payment Policy:

In honoring our time together, it is important that all scheduled appointments are held with the intention sacred space. The energies of your session are activated upon payment and in intervals as directed by your Higher Level Guides. Each session requires preparation. If for any reason there is a need to cancel or reschedule, you are asked to please submit your request in writing to A rescheduling link will be sent only with 48 hr prior notice (not including weekends). Please be advised that an open appointment may not be available for several weeks. All sessions are subject to change due to Rayvin’s travel and retreat schedule. All attempts will be made to notify the client in a timely manner and reschedule the appointment accordingly.


Zelle Preferred or Venmo: (Paypal is not accepted)

Please note: when guided by Great Spirit session energies are activated upon receipt of payment.

Payment also confirms your appointment.

Important Disclaimer:

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical physician advice or treatment As a shamanic practitioner Rayvin does not offer medical advice nor engage with a diagnosis. Her approach is from a holistic model of supporting the mind , body and soul from a state of dis-ease into a state of harmony. Engulfing the human energy field with pure divine light.  

Please reach out to me if you have questions regarding the preparations.  

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