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The Messenger

Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman

My Journey

A magician comes to the stage prepared to perform what some call illusions. The slight of hand has one mesmerized, captured, stunned, did that really happen?


It seemed all so REAL. 


Our own journey in life can also feel like an illusion. Have you ever asked yourself  "Is this really happening?" 

What if at that moment of self inquiry you hear the snap of fingers and awakened into a different reality. One filled with an awareness that something has changed. Perhaps a recognition that your life needs to go in a different direction. 


Along my life journey, I have discovered many illusions, and have found the path to the other side of the curtain.


The grandest illusion energy of all...

is the belief of Divine Separation. 

Sounds big, right? 

Let  Me Tell You...

it took awhile for me to understand and integrate as it didn’t just 'show up one day' with the sound of trumpets. 


My religious upbringing reinforced the illusion that God or a Higher Power was “up there” unattainable or unapproachable because I was a lowly human “down here”. That I wasn’t worthy of such a connection.

So I began to ask...Is this true or am I somehow making it all up?


If in the past if you had asked me about my childhood,  I would have summarized what I remembered, all the while knowing that something very important sensed missing. 

Behind the recall were eerie gaps of time where the subconscious held memories of trauma, guilt, sadness and shame. As I share this, your own body potentially recognizes a truth with the response of a pause or sigh. A truth that lies within of perhaps your own hidden, or maybe not so hidden, core wounds that live like a clenched grip within.


The memories that were held in my subconscious were directing my life, and were reflected in my jobs, relationships, and family. As well as how I was engaging, responding and even avoiding scenarios. I was bound by these inner limiting beliefs without even knowing that they were there. 

Sound familiar? you wonder why you feel so stuck or limited in your life expression?

Rayvin The Messenger | Intuitive Healer
Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman

Reflecting Back on My Life...

I was basically, in a very subconscious way, calling into my life the good, and often not so good. This included the addictions and habits I used to numb and avoid the subconscious triggers.


I was trying to deal with my life, or really lifelessness, by checking out from being present. And of course, the sad truth of it all is that when you try to numb and check out from the pain in your life, you also basically check out from even being able to really experience the joy - it is like, "what is my purpose and where is the passion?" 


It is hard to quench your thirst from a dry well.  


One day, while literally banging my head on the floor, attempting to "remove" the haunting voices speaking to me, I finally surrendered. 

Lying face down and sobbing uncontrollably, I called out to God, and pleaded for help. “If you are there, I need you”. A tremendous sense of peace washed over me as I heard a gentle voice respond, "I Am Here". 


It was on that day, in that moment of complete surrender, where my healing journey began.

Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman

Yours Can Too...


It all begins with a clear intention to move forward into

optimal health, happiness and profound peace. 

If I can do it, then you can too. I'm honored to show you the way. 

I am humbly extending my hand in Support, the question is...

will you extend yours to accept it?

Rayvin The Messenger | Intuitive Healer

Pro Bio

  • Medical Intuitive 

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner 

  • Quantum Energetic Healing

  • Advanced Masters Shamanic Practitioner

  • Integrative Nutrition / Herbal Medicine

  • Trauma / Emotional Release Practitioner

  • Vision Quest Retreat Facilitator

  • Grow A New Body Counselor

"She is one of the most qualified practitioners I have ever encountered, and very practical in her approach...

Rayvin brings a great and vital potency to a healing journey.  She knows how to hold both very exquisite and deeply safe sacred space for a client. You will be respectfully and compassionately challenged to claim the abundant and beautiful truth of who you really are beyond all the stale narratives, toxic fear and limiting stories that have held you back from really expressing the real you.

Her work compellingly embraces the fullness of what is possible, all while being offered in an incredibly practical and available way.  Through her powerful support, multiple streams of life embracing wisdom are on offer, in which a client gets to actively weave profound connections with themselves, find deeply nourishing inner resources, and reclaim the power to dream and occupy their most sacred, sovereign and sustainable vision of life.  Nothing short of absolute freedom is on offer." 

- Stephen M. Feely - Co-Founder & Director of the Pampamesayok Shaman School

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