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Client Love

"She has given me 100X more than I could have ever expected. She knows what to show me and when I'm ready for it...

"Approximately 1 yr ago I asked Source to send me someone who could help me better understand my spiritual path. 2 weeks later I met Rayvin in what I thought was "by chance". Now I absolutely believe there were no coincidences...ever.


I found out I was setting the bar too low for myself.

She sees, hears and understands what my Inner Being wants me to know at that moment. Sometimes its a fire hose and sometimes its a little less. The layers of the onion are all incredibly important and have been peeled back to move me through my journey to places I never imagined I would be in this lifetime. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for her gift and how she presents it to me. I can truly say that when you make a request to Source and you do the work, it will be given to you in such incredible abundance. Thank you Rayvin for showing me this to be true."


"Working with Rayvin, I have become aware of many behaviors and patterns I have always engaged in that are detrimental to myself...

"Shamanic Energy Medicine can heal at levels so profound our Western lifestyle cannot fathom. The work is difficult and it requires that you take ownership of the healing process. Unlike other healing disciplines, where the process is analytical and where you may even be a passive participant, in shamanic healing sessions you are an active participant. This is probably the reason why the work is so transformative.


Becoming conscious of my need to please others above my needs, has helped me set boundaries. I am still a work in progress, but with each healing session, I feel closer to the spirit that came to this Earth and to this body in this lifetime, and to what its purest mission is while being here. Rayvin, you have my boundless gratitude and deepest respect. Thank you for being the eyes, the ears, and the voice of that which I am still unable to see.”

- A.C.

"In less than a year, I went from almost homeless, bankrupt, losing my child and low health. I am now thriving with my home, being paid more than ever, 50% custody, and my health has turned around!

Rayvin is an expert in vibration, frequency , quantum healing and in my approx 10-15 sessions I have had in the last 4-5 months my life has dramatically changed. I feel alive again, with purpose and joy!. If you have found yourself reading this, don't look back. If you find yourself unable to believe this, it's okay…I can hardly believe it myself! Rayvin cares about her sacred work and I believe her intention is Love, which brings forth healing and transformation. There is no doubt Rayvin will be in my life forever."


"Through Rayvin's guidance, I have been able to see more clearly, to trust in the divine, and honor the things in life no matter how they are labeled (good or bad).

When I met Rayvin, I was at the threshold of one of the most transformative, gut wrenching challenges of my life. My life patterns that had me on the hamster wheel are now acknowledged, allowed to be released, and I move forward with a gratitude and graciousness that is the most beautiful in my life thus far. Thank you for holding space and lovingly but firmly, guiding me on this incredible journey Rayvin!"

- T.B. 

"Rayvin's medicine has an extraordinary depth in it and comes straight to the point...

Rayvin to assisted me in the process of personal transformation and healing some deep seated personal wounds. Rayvin's medicine has an extraordinary depth in it and comes straight to the point. I felt well supported on my journey and each session was a stepping stone into a new way of being. I recommend Rayvn’s services to everyone who is interested in deep healing and serious transformation.”

- M.R. 

"Her work has supported me through one of my most important transitions...

My experience of Rayvin is of complete trust, integrity, and power. Her work allows a release of old stories and patterns, and she provides support in taking a new journey into a more joyful, truthful way of being. Her work  supported me through one of my most important transitions, allowing me to step into an abundant, beautiful new destiny that fully aligns with my mission. Thank you Rayvin.”

- V.S.

"Rayvin has helped me immensely on my spiritual journey. I have encountered many crosswords & every time I have a quantum healing session, I feel more clarity and a stronger connection to my own intuition and guidance. The value is unquantifiable and I am forever grateful for her service."


"Rayvin, I don't know how you do it. I am feeling refreshed and  more insightful. I have been more mindful of my actions and even calmer. I don't understand this energy medicine stuff but how I feel tells me a lot has shifted. I'm so grateful. I'm excited to see what else shifts in my life."


"Rayvin has a really special, wise and grounding energy about her. She sees things beyond the physical and has helped me to clear more than I ever thought possible - clearing blocks from past lives, other dimensions, cutting ancestral ties & contracts that no longer serve my highest good."


"Rayvin, I just want to tell you how much your support and countless hours of energy work has meant to me. You have helped me to transform my life into something amazing.There are not enough words to express my gratitude and love for you. You are an amazing soul and I'm so grateful to walk this life journey with you."


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