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Divine Feminine Sharing Circle

Monthly Woman's Circle: 3 Hour Experience

The Divine Feminine Gather together monthly. Our collective Essence leads the way. What is there amongst us that requires to be known, acknowledged, witnessed or perhaps forgiven.


Here we discuss how these subconscious programs are affecting your daily life choices and directing your decisions. Personal intentions are uplifted, and pathways are opened for receiving more clarity, confidence and abundance. A potent safe space is created whether you are attending in person or remotely.


A sacred fire is created from the offering of our Tree Sisters. Here we allow the fire to be the vehicle in which transformation can instantly occur.


Sacred Sharing Mixer

Quarterly Co-ed Circle: 3 Hour Experience

The Feminine and Masculine gather together. The energetics of the group consciousness are brought forward for review and the subconscious beliefs, conditioning and programs are revealed and released allowing for more freedom.


An energetic process supports in the experience of lifting veils so that new frequency spectrums and vibrations may be experienced within the physical body.


Fire Ceremony supports in deep releasing and gentle integration.


"I don't remember ever being so calm”

- M.H.


What a Powerful ceremony! Your group work is deep, raw and revealing.  For me it was spot on, your ability to dive into the group consciousness and support us all is such a gift. I can only imagine what a personal session would be like. I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness, patience and service to us all. I have so much love and respect for you Rayvin.



"I feel like a weight of responsibility has been lifted"


Ceremony Testimonials

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