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The Recalibration Energy Healing Session


A deep dive into the Quantum field within the New Energy Spectrums of what needs to be realigned, released and recalibrated.

A 30 Min Discovery Session is required prior to scheduling a Recalibration Energy Healing Session. This provides the opportunity for me to sense into whether we are a good fit for partnering along your journey.


Scheduling and fees are discussed during your Complimentary Discovery Session.


The Recalibration + Integration

Energy Healing Session & Follow-up

Remote OR In Person (depending on your location)

Energy Session: 2 hours

Follow-Up Session: 1 Hour (held within 7 days after your Recalibration Session)


The Recalibration

Energy Healing Session

Remote OR In Person (depending on your location)

Energy Session: 2 hours


“Wow! Thank you Rayvin for helping me to see that my core beliefs had me stuck in my comfort zone of safety and security. Thank you for seeing what I could not see for myself. Struggling and control were my default programs stemming from abandonment as a child. I see now what I have created and I am so happy to be learning how to re-parent myself, and witnessing + letting go of the anchors that have kept me from living a vibrant healthy and abundant life.”



“I met Rayvin when I was supposed to. She has helped me so much on my spiritual journey. With so much gratitude, Thank you! Working with Rayvin, my life has made some major shifts. It's hard to believe that months have turned into years. I recently moved and was amazed and felt so blessed that she was able to do a home and land clearing. Rooting me deeply , feeling grounded, in my forever home. I will forever be grateful for your guidance, sister!”



“OMG! How do you do it? I no longer have cravings for sugar. I am easily fasting, making better food choices and No More Caffeine. No more up and down weight loss and weight gain. I notice a huge difference in how I feel and how I perceive the energy world without the interference of stimulants. I have been to other healers, and other professionals but you understand in ways that have resulted in major changes. Thank you for your Brilliant work and amazing compassion!”


Client Love

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