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Leadership & Executive


A consultation is required to determine whether you are ready for these shifts and what stands in the way of making significant changes in your life and business.


This consultation will support my understanding of your present level of vitality within your professional realm and how to guide you toward successful optimization of your business, yourself or both.

Scheduling and fees are discussed during the Complimentary Consultation.


Mentoring Session

Recalibration Energy Session + Integration

A deep dive into the Quantum field within the New Energy Spectrums of what needs to be realigned, released and recalibrated.

  • Remote or In Person (depending on your location-travel expenses may apply)

  • Rates begin at $350

  • Recalibration Energy Session: 2 Hours

  • Integration Follow-Up Session: 1 Hour (7-10 days after your Recalibration Session)

Business, Land & Space Clearing

For Brick & Mortars, Warehouses, Restaurants, Storefronts, Land Developments, Office Spaces or a New Occupancy of a Home

Physical structures and the land they occupy hold energies from the present and past. The thoughts, feelings and emotions continue to linger long after the previous employee or past business establishment has long gone...anything related to the past owners, landlords even the housekeeping staff.


The invitation here is to set up a foundation for a thriving and successful business on all levels. One of prosperity for all involved.


In our Consultation, we will evaluate the extent and depth of the clearing.


Leadership Vision Quests

1:1 OR Group (friends, family or company executives)

Creating open pathways to bring about deep shifts can often times require that a person step into a space that lends itself towards a new perspective.


The Leadership Vision Quest is a journey of discovery into the inner recesses of one's soul, psyche, and much more. The designated place in which this journey takes place often times will have one confront & overcome their deepest shadows thus, opening the space for more freedom, vitality & joy lending itself to success & abundance on all levels, personally & professionally.


This is an in-person voyage customized to your personal needs all the while bringing reconnection to our sacred earth.


In our Consultation, we will define/discuss your goals.


Book Your Consultation

All Leadership & Executive Programs require a 45-Minute Complimentary Consultation. Please fill out the details below and I will follow-up to book our consult.

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