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Changing Lanes

You’re moving along…riding on your superhighway of life. The rear view mirror only reflects the past that doesn’t seem to change. Timelines are similar to the lane you have been riding on in your life.They are part of everyone’s life.

Timelines help you to Evolve and Grow in extraordinary ways. At times, we come across “Timeline Glitches”, when there is something within your matrix that seems off, perhaps a perception that your “world is falling apart” or simply chaotic.

While reviewing your life, you may notice repetitive events and relationships that you now can say, "Ahhh...that was why this or that happened."

At this awareness moment there is a “Lane change” required or you remain in the lane that is well traveled and somewhat comfortable as you know what is coming.

In order to Evolve and Grow you must choose to take the exit ramp from the superhighway and try an alternate route...perhaps it is the “scenic route” one filled with Magic, Grace and Ease.

Thus inviting in a renewed perspective that brings a smile to your face as you journey forward on your newly paved smooth road filled with Joy and Laughter…..and so it is.


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