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The holidays of my youth were filled with many colorful decorations, tasty food and music. A time of festivities and shopping sprees. To the outside world, it looked happy and exciting.

As I grew older, I always wanted to be somewhere else but didn't know where that place would be.

I have since realized that as a “sensitive child” I was taking on the emotional baggage of others. I felt that I didn't belong in this family. The sadness and grief of the loss of a parent, the mourning and separation of family.The emptiness and isolation of having lost a close friend/sibling.

The holiday energies have shifted since taking deep dives into releasing the anchor points of why I would unconsciously take all this on.

I have found deep inner peace and that is a profound gift that I have extended to all the versions of Self. My younger self has been an invaluable guide in showing me how to be creative and all the ways my expression of life was repressed. What was critically important was that she felt safe and loved.

As you take a slow gentle breath in:

  • May your Heart be opened to receive my Loving Tender Embrace filled with frequencies of Kindness, Divine Love, Hope, and Childhood Innocence.

  • May you be lifted into a New Dimensional Space of Healing, of Synchronicity, and of Joy. It takes a self loving heart to say "I want to be happy and I desire/deserve joy."

It takes a courageous soul to stay on your path and allow others their journey. May I invite you to join me in saying YES to a Happy Vibrant Prosperous Sparkly You."

Until Next…



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