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The Resonance of Vibrational Alignment

We are transitioning into a field of consciousness that is supporting us in remembering who we truly are at our core, which is Divine Love.

The consciousness of the human is reflected in its vibrational essence or frequency. Spoken words, thoughts, feelings and emotions will reflect the level of consciousness. The lower dimensional layers of the field of consciousness are where lack, limitation, separation (us or them), wrongdoing, who's right, who's wrong, what's right, what's wrong, judgement, blame, prejudice, and fear and so much more are found. How does the energy of those words feel to you?

The vibrational frequency of Divine Love is the TRUTH of who we are. The higher dimensional fields of consciousness are supporting all to realign with higher vibrational frequencies.

When one takes the time to come to a quiet place within oneself, magic comes forth. When you align with the vibrational alignment of higher frequencies, then you automatically align with Divine Love, joy, inner peace that absolutely surreal, freedom, wellbeing, abundance, gratitude, beauty, and so much more. Can you feel the energy behind these words?

Shifts are occurring around us and within us. When navigating this new terrain, may I invite you to use your inner compass. Sense into how the options, people, places, locations etc. FEEL to you. Does it bring a smile to your face, make you feel awesome (high vibration) or have you dipping into uncertainty and doubt (lower vibration).

There is so much happening around and within us We are all in this together, allow your heart to lead with compassion for yourself and others. The resonance of your present vibrational alignment and state of being is always reflecting itself to you.

Until next....



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