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Illusions of Christmas Past

Holidays often carry the vibrational wave of collective patterning. There are deep subconscious programs and conditioning. The end of the year can also bring its collective stress that comes with holiday shopping, obligations (mandatory secret Santa gifts or travel to once-a-year family visits) or facing those feelings and emotions that you have buried for seasons past related to "family".

Growing up, I went along with all the gift exchanges and visiting of relatives but always sensed something off. I began to notice Fear come up:

...what if they don't like the gift that was given

...what about the "family" members that were heavy in their density and outright creepy. ...lack and comparison such as "I didn't spend as much for her gift as she did for me". ...and so much more.

Over the last few years, I have stepped away from the "Commercialism of the Season." I have said NO to the Auto Programming that stores and websites indulgently support. I like to enjoy my Holiday time in nature, with flowing rivers and deeply rooted trees.

I now sit in Neutral Discernment.

How does this or that make me feel?

I'm not going to wait for a holiday or special occasion to give a heartfelt gift.

I love spontaneity, why not?

The question arises...are you being true to yourself? At some point, we need to come face to face with hidden feelings, because the ghost of feelings past will continue to direct your life.

In this season, may we review our auto buying/shopping, auto reactions and our auto traditions/rituals. May we take the time to go inward and reflect. Changes begin with new perspectives and steps in a different direction.

May we move forward as a community and as a family of One. May we exude the Love that lives in our hearts. May we embrace our inner strength and radiate Joy, and Peace within the New Year and onward.

Let It Be So and So It Is,



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