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Timeline Shifts

You're moving along on your Life’s Highway…and it may appear that the vistas in front of you are the same as the one's seen in the rear-view mirror. The same issues relating to money, family, career or self.

Timelines are similar to the lane you have been driving along on your superhighway of life. Timelines shifts happen when you are ready to expand your consciousness, they help you to Evolve and Grow in extraordinary ways.

Most times we activate our turn signal and glide across to another lane. Yet, what if your Higher Self indicates that it's time for a change for you, one that better supports and nourishes your life experience?

Your unconscious says "No", I am comfortable with my dysfunction, this illness, my partnership with victimhood. Here we then experience RESISTANCE, this is not on a conscious level. Who would consciously choose to have their “world fall apart” or live as a "hot mess"?

In order to Evolve and Grow, you must choose to take the exit ramp from your known superhighway and try an alternate route. I can assure you that when you feel it's time for a shift, an exit opening will appear.

The invitation here is to TRUST.

The universe is eager to support you.

All you need to do is step into Faith and Believe you are worth receiving all that is being offered freely to you.

May you Life's Journey be filled with Wonderment, Grace and Laughter.

Until Next...



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