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Search I leave or do I stay?

How does one release themselves from patterns and limiting beliefs that are in the subconscious? Programming that runs in the background as it silently directs your life. The relationship that seems perfect until the shadow piece comes out to be seen.

I too, couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Deep in the throws of “trying to make it work” all the while giving my energy to a bottomless pit. Reflecting back, I had a history of staying in relationships longer than I should have. The jobs that were a "perfect fit" until I was no longer learning or valued, and was too comfortable to leave.

Personal relationships can have you delving into fear based unchartered waters. When asked how long I had been married my response is always “too long”. Similar to a library book that is years overdue or the yogurt in your refrigerator that’s past its expiration date. Looking back I now see that I was emerging from the “family expectations” of divorce being unacceptable.

Staying together for the sake of children and existing as housemates only energizes an illusion that the children always see through. In the midst of the whirlwind emotions, have you ever stopped and asked…”what's really going on here?

In the midst of my storm, I didn't have someone to support, guide or hold space for me. I had no idea that I needed support. Another program/limiting belief of “having to do it all alone”. I can assure you, there comes a time when you sit in gratitude for the beauty experienced. The love shared and the wisdom that was waiting to be embraced.

I now provide the space and the support to guide many through the storms or challenges of life. I know it always helps to have a guide that knows the way back into the Calm and into the Light.


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