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The Inner Child

Our childhood holds endless memories. Those that we recall with bold laughter, a smile or even a hint of a blush. Then there are those that are only recalled if someone mentions an incident ..."Do you remember when...". Perhaps there are memories that you have chosen not to remember. So much goes into the back closet of our memory data bank. The subconscious arena is filled with tons of data.

In my experience, I have found a large percentage of illnesses, imbalances and disharmony are rooted within childhood traumas and abuse, incidents that may have been minimized by a parent or family member, perhaps an accident. There may be a conscious memory or not. How and when it shows up is different for each person. The energy of what is stored is running like a program in the background, infusing itself into different aspects of your life.

The child within seeks support. The question is how is he/she attempting to get your attention? What is showing up for you to notice? Are you ignoring the relationship issues, are you aware of your ancestral patterning or family operating systems? Are you a perfectionist or perhaps a people pleaser? Do you self soothe with substances, habits or patterns that only support you to escape?

I have found this Golden Nugget: when recalling a memory, if you experience some type of heavy emotion therein lies a wound. If you can recall a traumatic memory without an emotion, as if you are the observer, you are reclaiming the wisdom from the experience.

When we transform our wounding from the physical, mental and emotional bodies, we can then integrate the mighty power of our inner child. This is monumental, for within the inner child lies the ORIGIN of your Joy, your Vitality and your Magic. The inner child is the SOURCE of your Playfulness, Creativity, Imagination, Dreams and Wonderment.

May your life journey awaken your connection to your inner child. When you heal your wounds, the magic and miracles that have been waiting come forth.

And so it is.........


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