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Have you ever experienced a situation where you reacted automatically without a thought?

Where you found yourself asking...

"Why did I say that?" or "Where did that come from?"

We go through life brushing these incidents off as if a speck of dust. An apology may or may not have been offered, most times we provide an explanation of, “I'm like this because…..”.

TRIGGERS show up when you least expect them. Perhaps a situation, the tone of a conversation or a particular spoken word can set off a trigger. I have witnessed, how secluded, withheld, unexpressed emotions can take center stage.

TRIGGERS are a default mechanism, like a button that gets pushed and BAM a REACTION happens. Out of nowhere an emotional outburst of Rage, Anger, Yelling, Frustration or Tears. Not a RESPONSE of a calm still voice.

I have experienced my share of TRIGGERS. I see them as opportunities. A key that shows up to get your attention. This key opens a door to a space in time, where something happened, there was a frozen moment in the energy of that moment. This frozen moment leaves an imprint or what I call a knot within the string of a timeline. They not only result in emotional outbursts, but also imbalances within the human body that may lead to an illness, dysfunctional coping or avoidance mechanisms.

TRIGGERS are held within the subconscious. The event or scenario that created them is typically sourced from our deepest fears. Whether you were an active participant within the scenario or an innocent observing child.

It is important to ask yourself…How is this TRIGGER affecting my life?

What subconscious program was created from this TRIGGER and is now running havoc on my mental and physical wellbeing?

The invitation is to become self-aware of your REACTIONS, RESPONSES, and INTERACTIONS. Become the observer of self, notice your TRIGGERS, and follow the patterns. When you make conscious choices of change instead of REACTING then you are shifting your programing. It takes diligence and fortitude.

I can tell you; it can be done.

The journey along life’s self-awareness path is one of many A-ha moments. We are never walking alone.

May I invite you to please seek the guidance and support of an Energy Medicine Practitioner who is experienced with Subconscious Deprogramming such a Shaman or Quantum Healer. This will only add value to your present counseling/coaching sessions.

May these unique times find you stepping deeper into your awesome, smiling, joy- filled selves.




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