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Rayvin The Messenger | Intuitive Healer



The Messenger

Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman

I Believe...

The journey of one’s life is unique, exquisite, and completely your own. The lessons are blessings - some acknowledged as "luck", and most revealed as truth.


We are ALL Divine Spiritual Beings… 

We have come into this life to experience and learn.

We all have the ability to recall many gifts and access spiritual tools. 


And we all hold deep soul wisdom.


I come in as an advocate and intermediary for higher levels of Light, a creative guide, bridge builder and way shower. I am here to support you to dismantle the curtains of illusion that run through your life. 


I support you in not only releasing the feelings of not being safe, not being loved nor empowered yet, to profoundly and boldly claim space in this life to be the real and authentic you. 

Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman


is My Medicine

A healer all of my life, many years of working with trauma, organ transplants and overall dis-ease, led me to quantum energy field healing and shamanic energy medicine. 


This profound path opened my innate ability to connect and communicate with the consciousness of the human body, soul & spirit.


This innate ability continues to weave a unique tapestry of expanding wisdom accompanied with my own personal healing journey.


I Am a Interdimensional Being of Divine Source...connecting you with PURE Love, Peace and Wisdom. Here in this space is where deep Restoration, Regeneration and Revitalization can occur.

In the Presence of Great Love and Great Understanding…

You Can Snap Out of  Your Story

...and Step into Your More Empowered Life.

Together, we’ll move you out of the illusion of abandonment, abuse, betrayal or separation & into your divine being of light to experience True Joy, Purpose & Passion in your own life now.

Expand With Me

Rayvin The Messenger | Shaman
"I cannot believe how much things have shifted in a very short period of time. Rayvin has removed the layers that were covering up my happy self. Rayvin can see beyond the veils that one self creates. She has a magical vibe about her. Her voice is very soothing yet, she knows when she needs to challenge you and she will in a loving way."
- A.H.
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